Every single order this week can bring you a prize in the Green Line tournament. The total prize pool is RUB 250,000 and the first place winner will get RUB 42,000. Read on to find out how to place your bets so that you can be that winner.

Review the checklist with conditions

In past tournaments, Pin-up has awarded points for net winnings on expresses. This was the case in the Winning Series, for example. This time, net winnings from singles are counted.

Your bet participates in the tournament if:

✓ It's an order

✓ you bet 100 RUB or more

Bet on different sports categories

The bulk of players will bet on the most popular football matches. To get an edge, place a few orders on other sports, such as motorsport.

The Supercars race will take place on the morning of March 20, after all football matches have finished. You will be able to get extra tournament points while the rest of the competitors remain in place.


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